About EqMARS

EqMARSTM is a user-friendly, intuitive, and secure web-based application designed to help you efficiently manage equipment asset inventory and loans.

EqMARS helps you manage your equipment inventory, plan purchases, schedule maintenance and disposal by tracking and reporting usage. EqMARS saves time and provides you with peace of mind. Click here for system features.

  • EqMARS is a web-based application. It can be accessed from any device (PC, Mac, iPhone, PDA, Black Berry) with Internet access and a browser.
  • EqMARS includes a check-in/check-out process for loaning items in just a few clicks – making the job both quick and efficient.
  • Keeps a log of all system activity, which can later be used for audits and data mining.
  • Reports are available in Excel, PDF, CSV, and XML formats.
  • Can be customized for your business application based on your specific rules/polices.

EqMARS is used in these settings:

College or University:

  • School of Media Arts, School of Art, School of Visual Communication
  • Office of Instructional Technology
  • Office of Instructional Resource Development
  • College / University IT Department
  • TV Station, or News Production Company

Sales Representatives:

  • Demo equipment pool for sales representatives

Non-Profit Educational Organization:

  • Workshops
  • Art projects – usually off-site
  • Training sessions

IT Department

  • Laptops, Tablets
  • Cell Phones, Smart Phones, Cameras
  • Projectors and other equipment

Construction / General Contractors / Dispatch

  • Tool Crib Inventory Management
  • Manage Construction Equipment used at Client Site and charged per day
  • Manage dispatch teams and Tool Kits (Work Orders)
  • Landscaping
  • Other

Manufacturer / R&D Department – Calibration Management

  • Calipers
  • Micrometer, Height Gages, Indicators, Probes
  • CMMs, Comparators, etc..
  • MTS and similar test Machines for static and fatigue
  • Lab equipment asset management

Rental Company – Rental Inventory Management

  • Construction Equipment / Tools Rentals
  • Musical Instruments Rentals
  • General Rental Inventory Management

Assets placed at public locations

  • ATM Machines
  • Kiosks at Airport
  • Vending Machines
  • Construction Equipment used at Client Site


Let EqMARS help you manage your Equipment Rental Business

addresses many challenges and needs with easy equipment tracking, equipment inventory management, and enables borrowers to reserve or request equipment, reminds borrowers of approaching due times, and helps the administrators , conduct maintenance or upgrades. The history tracking feature enables administrators to perform complete audit trail, and produce reports for senior management. EqMARS is web-based, therefore it is accessible from any internet-enabled device.