EqMARSTM System Features

Features Lite
Inventory Functionality    
Equipment inventory+ 
Software inventory
email reminders of scheduled maintenance
Equipment Loan/Rental Functionality    
User reservation (for allowable items)
User request (high-end items) - for approval by Manager
Multi-location support
User can create kits to speed up reservations  
Calendar and Scheduling    
Basic calendar functions
Reminders of events - email
Users Types    
Simple statistics
Built-In reports  
History Tracking  
History of all equipment related events  
History of all user related events  
Barcode and Labeling    
Barcode and Label generation & printing
Barcode reader integration / setup  
Session timeout
Secure Server (SSL)   ✓*
Help and Support    
Help file
Context based help
Phone support  
Data backup Weekly Daily*
Data recovery 72 hours 48 hours

* Additional fees apply for SSL certificate and daily backup.

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  • 10% academic discount to academic institutions and non-profit organizations
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Additional Services - Please contact us for more details.

  • Data migration (from current database, Excel, Access, etc..).
  • Assessment consultation to examine and develop the business process.
  • Business Process Review, Re-engineering, and documentation.