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On behalf of ESC’s team, greetings to all EQ-MARS customers. We hope you find this Newsletter useful, and please contact us with any questions or comments.

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Spring 2015 – In This Issue:

Free Trials are Changing to better serve potential customers

We have been providing potential customers with two ways to explore EqMARS in depth: 1) access via anonymous login to, and 2) installed free trial. However, we found that in many cases were unable to guide potential customers through the features that fulfill their needs, and some potential customers -not knowing that others are using the same system- deleted data.

Therefore, starting April 2015 we disabled the anonymous login, and will focus on Live Demo and Free Trial. Now when you sign-up for the free trial, we create an account on one of our shared installations (Trail-1 or Trial-2) and we guide you through the trial, and when ready, we still give you 30 days free on your production installation. Click here to sign-up for a free trial..

Release V2.8.3

EqMARS Version 2.8.3 has been beta released on March 2nd, 2015 to a select group of customers. Thanks to Liz Liguori for giving us feedback. We are happy to announce that production V2.8.3 roll-out is scheduled for the second week of April. This version includes new features and bug fixes:

New Features / improvements

  • Improved reservation speed to 3 seconds (by Re-writing of the reservation module)
  • Administrator can cancel reservations pending pickup
  • Change email notifications sent to administrators from To to BCC (send emails individually)
  • EQ-MARS now has LDAP Integration capability: EqMARS uses Shibboleth Authentication, includes integration with all SAML compliant implementations, connection to Identity Providers and Federations that use LDAP / Kerberos, and integration with Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)*

* requires additional configuration

Bug Fixes

  • Double clicking during reservations produces duplicate reservation records
  • Pressing “Remove Hardware” button multiple times creates multiple deletion records
  • Second reminder for Due Date missing
  • Error when trying to view kits
  • Search by location (Campus) in Reservation – pull-down is empty
  • Audit Trail export – sort by record ID, and include ID in the exported file
  • Public kit duplicated and cannot remove any of them
  • Kit items under certain conditions cannot be reserved within the kit
  • Deleted location appears in kit reservation screen

Welcome New Customers

We are excited to add 2 new customers in February. Featured here is City Parks Foundation, which manages educational programs in New York City with over 250 A/V & tablet assets across 14 campuses. We included customization of EqMARS with City Parks logo, and printed polyester silver labels. “Thank you for installing EqMARS and importing the data, we just completed creating user accounts and ready to assign equipment to our education associates”, said Jesse Heffler, the EqMARS administrator at CPF.

City Parks Foundation

Label Printing

You need to have the peace of mind knowing that your capital equipment are easily identifiable, which reduces the potential for lost or stolen assets. To do this, you need to affix barcode labels. EqMARS includes a module that prints labels with barcode, and those labels can then be scanned for easy identification of equipment to speed the reservation / checkout process. EqMARS enables you to print labels using a label printer (recommended) or to a labels sheet.

Label Printers: Some of our customers bought their own label printers and direct thermal paper rolls, but what we found is that even though the direct thermal printers and their printing rolls are low cost ($150-$300), those labels are suitable for light usage only.
If you are like City Parks Foundation where you equipment will move a lot or may be used outdoors, you will need industrial quality labels. Industrial grade label printers cost upward of $700.

Alternative: For customers needing durable labels and have a smaller size inventory (less than 500), we found it cost effective to outsource to a print shop that specializes in label printing on a variety of materials. This was the chosen solution for CPF, saving two-thirds of the cost and several hours of installation and printing.

=> we will advise you of the best option during the quoting process.


EqMARS™ is Equipment Management and Reservation System, a user-friendly web-based application that helps you manage assets, maintenance, and bookings / loans of office equipment, shop tools, or lab equipment. read more..
Customers include:
  • School of Media Arts, School of Art, School of Visual Communication
  • Office of Instructional Technology
  • Office of Instructional Resource Development
  • College / University IT Department
  • TV Station, or News Production Company
  • Information Technology Department – IT Asset Management
  • Demo equipment pool for sales representatives
  • Lab equipment asset management
  • Musical Instruments Rentals

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