Press Release – August 2014

ESC Announces InCommon Federation and SAML Integration Capabilities

August 22, 2014

For immediate Release – Dallas, TX

ESC Solutions, inc unveils new features for EqMARSTM – the Equipment Reservation and Inventory Management System.
According to ESC Solutions Inc, which specializes in business process consulting and software implementation, EqMARSTM, a software that helps universities and schools effectively manage their equipment loans or rentals, companies manage their pool of demo equipment with sales reps, and labs manage scheduling high-end equipment and calibrations, now has the capability to integrate with InCommon Federation members and all SAML-compliant implementations.

Ms. H. Abdul, the company’s president elaborated by saying that the company has been working diligently to add LDAP integration.  ESC hired Fischer International Identity based in Naples, Florida (, a leader in Identity Management, to guide the choice of tools and completing the testing.  The choice was made to integrate “Shibboleth Service Provider” ( with EqMARS.  This enables ESC to serve customers belonging to the InCommon Federation (  “More specifically, EqMARS now has the capability to integrate with all SAML compliant implementations, connect to Identity Providers and Federations that use LDAP and  Kerberos, and integrate with Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) – but it requires additional configuration.”

“The first version of EqMARS was launched in 2009, then additional features and improvements kept coming.” says H. Abdul.

Previously, Version 2.6.0, added label printer integration, and 2.7.0 brought reading user badges, which has cut down the check-out time considerably.  Version 2.8.0, says ESC, introduced the “kits” feature, which enabled the users and administrators to bundle several items they want to borrow or rent into Kits.  Current release versions 2.8.1 and 2.8.2 of EqMARS added several efficiency and stability fixes.  More details are available on the software’s website and in previous press releases.



EqMARSTM is a web-based system that enables users make online reservations of equipment or resources, and helps inventory managers plan purchases, maintenance, and disposal.  And it has easy to read reports that display most valuable information at your fingertips, reports the company on EqMARS’s website.  The system can be customized for any business application based on specific rules/polices.

“EqMARS has been developed around well-defined business practices and user roles, with flexibility to handle different business models and usage scenarios, and the ability to make customizations.  The company says it is reaching more clients by launching aggressive marketing campaigns such as offering free license for the first 3 months and giving educational and non-profit discounts”, Abdul says, “ESC markets the software worldwide, mainly in the US, Canada, UK, New Zealand, and Australia.”
EqMARSTM V2.8.2 runs on Linux servers and can be accessed from several browsers.  EqMARS reports are available in Excel, PDF, CSV, and XML formats.  For more information visit or send email to