Release Notes

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EqMARS V2.8.3 - March 2015

New Features / improvements

  • Improved reservation speed to 3 seconds (by Re-writing of the reservation module)
  • Administrator can cancel reservations pending pickup
  • Change email notifications sent to administrators from To to BCC (send emails individually)
  • EQ-MARS now has LDAP Integration capability: EqMARS uses Shibboleth Authentication, includes integration with all SAML compliant implementations, connection to Identity Providers and Federations that use LDAP / Kerberos, and integration with Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)*

* requires additional configuration

Bug Fixes

  • Double clicking during reservations produces duplicate reservation records
  • Pressing "Remove Hardware" button multiple times creates multiple deletion records
  • Second reminder for Due Date missing
  • Error when trying to view kits
  • Search by location (Campus) in Reservation - pull-down is empty
  • Audit Trail export - sort by record ID, and include ID in the exported file
  • Public kit duplicated and cannot remove any of them
  • Kit items under certain conditions cannot be reserved within the kit
  • Deleted location appears in kit reservation screen


EqMARS V2.8.2 - March 2013

  • View Details screen is now displayed as a "Lightbox" over the page
  • Customized the Internal Error screen in Kits


  • Corrected password sent in Borrower activation email  
  • Corrected Transaction Type in Audit Trail Reservation of Item requiring manager approval
  • Reservation Pending Approval - Email indicates "ready for pickup", corrected to "pending manager's approval"
  • Reservation of item requiring manager approval - Duplicate reservation request
  • Approval of Reservation Pending Approval - Confirmation Message contains error
  • Approval of Reservation Pending Approval with duplicate reservation - Rejected not entered in audit trail
  • Item becomes "un-available" when late  
  • Error occurred during check-out
  • In some cases, due date reminder email sends wrong list of items 
  • Table for number of barcode labels to print is missing boxes
  • Order of barcodes on barcode printing page does not match table
  • Barcode accessory labels not printing
  • Inconsistent menu behavior in Kits module
  • Was unable to extend reservation, error message: "Reservation Date cannot be in the past"
  • Kits - Replace without choosing an item changes order of items
  • Kit can be reserved several times by using borwser "back" button and clicking "reserve" button again

EqMARS V2.8.1
- August 2012

  • Kits - corrected Messages in Check Availaibility Screen
  • Kits - Display red "X" in reservation kit confirmation message for items not available
  • Kits - Corrected item availability logic
  • Improved password security salting and hashing

EqMARS V2.8.0 - February 2012

New Features:

  • All users: Bundle several hardware and software items into a Kit.
  • There two types of kits: public kits and private kits. Public kits are usable by all users, and private kits are usable by the user who created them.

EqMARS V 2.7.4
- Nov 2011

New Features:

  • Admin: When the administrator is initiating a reservation on behalf of a borrower user, he/she scans the borrower's badge barcode. If the user is found, user's first and last name displayed.
  • Reservation Page Changes
  • Add More Audit Trail Event

EqMARS V2.7.3 - Sept 2011

New Features:

  • Shorter tables headings to reduce table width.
  • Added more Audit Trail filters.
  • Added "Forgot Username/Forgot Password" to login screen.
  • All users: Can search equipment by barcode.
  • Admin: Can scan a user's badge barcode to find the user.

Bug Fixes:

  • In Inventory -> Add new - the help icon next to "Purchase Order" was displaying wrong content.

EqMARS V2.7.0

New Features:

  • Users will be able to renew a reservation.
  • Users will be able to copy an old reservation to a new one (use as a template)
  • Miscellaneous Changes

EqMARS V2.6.0
- February 2011

New features:

  • Auto generation of item IDs for hardware and software -- eliminates data entry errors and duplicate IDs.
  • Auto generate user password during registration -- enhances security.
  • Allow the Administrator or Manager to reserve items.
  • Label-printer integration.
  • It also provides convenience with email notifications and deadline reminders to administrators, managers, and borrowers.

EqMARS Standard V2.4.1 - April 08, 2010

New features:

  • Changes related to barcode (Select Multiple Items on different pages, label size, font size, printing).
  • Administrators can perform simple search for Users (wildcard search).
  • Display old reservations for Administrators and Managers.
  • Added left and right navigation between items during editing.
  • Added Purchase Order to item information Added Wildcard search for hardware.
  • Advanced Search on description and comments. 

Improvements and Fixes:

  • Dependency between drop downs all over the system.
  • Fixed bug Advanced search on hardware and software due to dependency between drop downs
  • Return to search results page after navigating using buttons.
  • Barcode printing improvements.

EqMARS Standard V2.2.0 - 8/11/2009

Note: Each feature or fix shown below is preceded with the user type benefiting from the change.

New features:

  • Admin: Now you can enter more information about equipment items: "Serial Number", "Comment" (free text), "Rental Fee"
  • Admin & Manager: In the advanced search, serial number and rental fee have been added to the filters
  • Borrower: New users will receive two email notifications - when they sign-up: "Your account has been created", and when they are approved by an administrator "Your account has been activated"


  • Borrower: The borrower will now see the "Item Type" in the reservation search results
  • Borrower: In the "New Reservation" screen, if "Model" is left blank, search will return all models
  • After a new user signs-up for an account, he/she will be routed to the login screen
  • All: Added "Cancel" button to the sign up page; goes back to login screen
  • All: "Status Extension" has been renamed "Reason (if not available)"
  • Manager: Manager now has access to "view all items"
  • Manager: Main page has been split into two: reservations and inventory
  • Admin: In the "Add New Item" screen, "Save" button has been renamed "Save and go page 2"
  • Admin: In the "Add New Item" an explanation hint has been added for "Number of Items"
  • Admin: In the "View Hardware" screen, "Update" button has been renamed "Edit"
  • Admin: In the "Users" screen, the "select all/deselect all" button has been removed (to avoid administrators accidentally deleting all users)
  • Admin & Manager: In the "View all items" screen, the filter "Name" has been re-labeled as "Type"
  • All: Display widths for "Type" and "Model" have been increased


  • Admin->General Settings: "Item Conditions" field was accepting empty value or string with spaces only
  • Admin->General Settings: "Borrowing Reasons" field was accepting empty value or string with spaces only
  • Admin->Add New Item: screen, data validation warning messages have been simplified
  • All: Calendar icon was displayed underneath the date entry box, now it is next to the text box
  • Borrower->Reservation: keyword filter results included unavailable hardware items

EqMARS Standard V2.1.0

Note: Each feature or fix shown below is preceded with the user type benefiting from the change.

New features:

  • All: A count-down timer "time remaining till session expires" was added to all screens to help users track their sessions


  • All: URL in item information will now open a new page
  • Admin->General Settings: While adding "Manufacturers", the item Type is displayed on top
  • Admin->General Settings: While adding "Model", the item Type and Manufacturer are displayed on top
  • All: "Number of items" field is removed from all screens except "Add New Item"


  • Admin->General Settings->Delete: The system was removing the first type/manufacturer/model on the list regardless of the selected item
  • The system incremented the logged in users counter before the user completes the login operation
  • Admin->Add New Item: It was possible for the admin to choose an empty manufacturer/ model/ building/ floor/ room/ equipment condition while adding a new item
  • Admin->Delete Item Type: confirmation message fixed
  • Admin->Add User: confirmation message fixed
  • Admin: "Purchase Price" and "Warranty" were accepting negative value and not accepting zero value
  • Admin: Filter labels on hardware section were reversed
  • Exception error in "search" with type and manufacturer
  • Admin->General Settings: "Location" was accepting empty (or string of spaces) campus, building floor, room or shelf
  • Admin: Exception error if "Delete Selected Buildings" button is pressed without selecting any building. Same for "Delete Selected Floors"
  • Admin->Add/Update Item: Type, Manufacturer, Model were accepting empty (or string of spaces)
  • Admin->Add/Update Item: URL entered without "http://" caused an error when clicking the URL (in view item detail)