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If you manage the quality inspection department, you can use EqMARS to manage Periodic Calibrations and also assign tools to engineers or inspectors for open-ended or specific durations:

  • Calipers, Electronic and┬áManual
  • Micrometer, Height Gages, Indicators, Probes
  • CMMs, Comparators, etc..
  • MTS and similar test Machines for static and fatigue


Assets placed at public locations

  • ATM Machines
  • Kiosks at Airport
  • Vending Machines
  • Construction Equipment used at Client Site

Contact us to request a live demo of EqMARS and start the process of migrating to a better system.

EqMARSTM addresses all these challenges and needs with easy equipment tracking, equipment inventory management, and enables borrowers to reserve or request equipment, reminds borrowers of approaching due times, and helps the administrators , conduct maintenance or upgrades. The history tracking feature enables administrators to perform complete audit trail, and produce reports for senior management. EqMARS is web-based, therefore it is accessible from any internet-enabled device.

Our Customers come from a diverse world, and therefore they have many titles, but one thing groups them: You are responsible for assets! Here is a sample of customers:

Multimedia Specialist, Professor of Art, Director of Student Computing Services, IT Officer, Technical Specialist, Camera Operator/Gear Manager, Info Tech Professor, Technical Director, Director- Educational Technology Laboratory, Manager of TV Station, Media Technician, IT technician, Material Control Analyst, Studio Manager, Studio Head, COO, Media Services Technician, Equipment and Stage Manager, Teacher, Producer, Applications Engineering Manager, Instructional Technologist, Media Arts Technical Coordinator.