If you face one or more of these needs and challenges, let EqMARS help you:

  • I manage equipment at each construction site
  • I would like my construction project managers to reserve equipment ahead of time
  • I need to reduce the overhead of tracking the equipment
  • I need automatic reminders be sent to the construction manager when equipment are due for return
  • Need to reduce or eliminate equipment loss or theft
  • Manage Equipment used at Client Site and charged per day
  • I need to produce reports such as: Asset report (what is the value of our assets?),
  • Senior management asked for a usage report (what are the high-usage items?), user report (who rented which equipment), etc..

EqMARS also manages:

  • Tool Crib Inventory
  • Tool Kits (Work Orders) used by Dispatch Teams

EqMARS addresses these challenges and needs with easy equipment tracking, equipment inventory management, and enables reservation requests, reminds you of approaching due dates, and helps you conduct maintenance or upgrades.

The history tracking feature enables you to perform complete audit trail, and produce reports for senior management. EqMARS is web-based, therefore it is accessible from any internet-enabled device.