University, College, School District

  • Do you loan equipment to students, staff, and faculty in one of the following departments?
    • School of Media Arts, School of Art, Film Department, School of Music
    • School of Visual Communication
    • Office of Instructional Technology
    • Office of Instructional Resource Development
    • College / University IT Department
    • TV Station, or News Production
  • Do you also lend equipment to community organizations?

EqMARS helps you save valuable time & resources and reduces loss or theft of assets by managing equipment information and equipment reservations, assignments, or rentals. 

If you face one or more of these needs and challenges, EqMARS can help you:

  • I Need to reduce the overhead of tracking equipment
  • I would like students and faculty to reserve equipment ahead of time
  • I need a secure process to handle walk-ins for equipment checkout
  • I need automatic reminders be sent to users when the items are due for return
  • Need to reduce or eliminate equipment loss or theft
  • I need to produce reports such as: Asset report (how much do we have?), Asset usage report (what are the high-usage items?), user report (who checked out our equipment?), etc..

Contact us to request a live demo of EqMARS and start the process of migrating to a better system.

EqMARS addresses all these challenges and needs with easy equipment tracking, equipment inventory management, and enables borrowers to reserve or request equipment, reminds borrowers of approaching due times, and helps the administrators , conduct maintenance or upgrades. The history tracking feature enables administrators to perform complete audit trail, and produce reports for senior management. EqMARS is web-based, therefore it is accessible from any internet-enabled device.